The Weather is Getting Nicer: Time for a Spring Fling at Rick’s Cabaret New York

Rick’s Cabaret New York welcomes the arrival of warmer weather with a series of “Spring Fling” parties at the three-story gentlemen’s club known for its luxurious setting and world class entertainment. The beautiful Rick’s Cabaret Girls are known for their seductive charm and the VIP treatment they provide.

“There are over 100 girls every day, and we are all excited that Spring is here,” purred Rick’s Cabaret girl Charlotte. “Come have a drink with me!”

The club features specialty cocktails served by gorgeous waitresses. Be sure to ask for one of their flavored Mojitos, or other seasonal cocktails. And for high rollers, the club offers bottle service and an impressive list of vintage champagnes.

Rick’s Cabaret features five stages, deluxe sky boxes, and a roof deck smoking lounge and garden. The “Rick’s Steakhouse” on the second floor is under the direction of acclaimed Chef Jayson Margulies and features late-night dining. (Daytime visitors can enjoy a special Businessmen’s Lunch–a tasty three course meal).

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