Former Mets Star Ed Kranepool Hopes to Meet His Kidney Donor

Mets great Ed Kranepool said “someone up above was looking out for us. Kranepool is set to undergo surgery next month for a kidney transplant after a match came through after two years. He told WOR Radio’s “Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning” that his wife was depressed and he was beginning to worry about her just before the phone call about the donation came.

“You’ve gotta be thankful that there are enough people out there listening to all the interviews I had over the last two years and all the newspaper press that we developed and somebody reached out and forever you’re going to be thankful and grateful to the people that believe in giving back to somebody else,” Kranepool said.

The donor is a complete stranger and Kranepool doesn’t know anything about the donor but hopes they will meet one day soon.

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