Ron Swoboda Wrote A Book…

In time for the 50th anniversary of the NY Mets’ miraculous 1969 World Series win, right fielder Ron Swoboda tells the story of that amazing season, the people he played with and against, and what life was like as an Every Man ballplayer.

Here’s the Catchis a winner. All that is revealed surrounding his time in baseball, including two-plus seasons as a New York Yankee, comes from Swoboda’s heart. How Swoboda reinvented himself, as his playing options dwindles, into a career in TV sportscasting is nothing less than fascinating.

To hear him tell it, former New York Mets outfielder Ron Swoboda is a lucky man; fortunately for the reader, he is also a witty writer with a highly developed self-deprecating sense of humor. In a year that will see an explosion of Mets books, this is an unexpectedly good one. Ron, why did you wait so long to write it?

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