Häagen-Dazs Booze-Infused Ice Cream for the Summer

Häagen-Dazs has introduced a new booze-infused ice cream line just in time for the summer. No mystery about the timing on that one. There are 7 delicious combinations to choose from. The Spirits Collection includes five indulgent ice cream flavors, a new cookie square and a decadent non-dairy option.

“The Spirits Collection was expertly crafted to offer new, extraordinary ways to indulge. Each flavor is perfect to pair with your favorite cocktail, elevate a boozy float or simply enjoy on its own,” said Rachel Jaiven, Häagen-Dazs Brand Manager.

The booze-infused ice cream won’t actually get you drunk (or even the slightest bit tipsy), as they contain less than 0.5% alcohol. But you will still get the flavor profile of the liquors in them, so you can indulge freely.

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