NFL Craziness: Packers, Raiders Play On 80 Yard Field?

The Packers and Raiders trip to the Great White North for a pre-season game turned into a great white disaster for the NFL. Just minutes before game was set to kick off, the league announced that the two teams had agreed to make several slight rule changes due to unsafe field conditions at IG Field in Winnipeg. The biggest change is that the size of the field was changed. Instead of playing on a 100-yard field, the Raiders and Packers preseason game will take place on a field that’s only 80 yards long.

Due to the shortened field, one other change had to be made: All kickoffs were eliminated. If either team scores any points, the team that was supposed to receive the ensuing kickoff will simply take over possession on the 15-yard line (which is actually the 5-yard line on the new field).

Since this all probably sounds mildly confusing, here’s a look at the field. As you can see below, the pylon for the goal line is at the 10-yard line while the pylon that marks the back of the end zone is at the old goal line.

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