Jets QB Sam Darnold Hints At Greatness

The Jets notched their first victory of the season Sunday, a 24-22 thriller over the Cowboys.

This was exactly what the Jets hoped to see from QB Sam Darnold this season. He made some tremendous throws, had command of the offense and showed a ton of poise. By no means is Darnold a finished product. There are going to be plenty of bad games in his future. The Jets must build around him with a better offensive line and improved skill position players. Adam Gase needs to develop him and give him the right play calls. There are many things that go into being a good quarterback in the NFL.

But the foundation is there.

That was reaffirmed Sunday. Some of the throws Darnold made in this game were plain special. He does things that can’t be taught. He has rare instincts. It is what separates him from someone like Mark Sanchez, who never had the feel inside the pocket that Darnold shows.

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