NY Yankee Pitcher Talks About Possible Scenarios for Upcoming Baseball Season

According to NY Yankee pitcher Zack Britton, if MLB decides to start the season without fans inside ballparks due to the coronavirus pandemic that is okay with him and other players. As is the possibility of teams playing games at a neutral site.

“All on the same page to play as many games as we possibly can,” the Yankees reliever said of the players and owners on Sirius XM’s MLB Network Radio channel. “If we’ve got to do that in empty stadiums for the safety of the public, I think that’s the right move.”

As for playing games at neutral sights, Britton pointed out the Yankees could be a candidate for that plan.

“Obviously we could possibly be a team that needs to play in a neutral site for a little while because New York has been such a hotbed for this. Guys are open to that. I know there’s sites they’ve already discussed,” Britton said.

“I’m not sure if I should say, but there are possibly four or five sites that are up in the air that Major League Baseball and the union have slightly discussed that these are spots that have the resources and facilities and the hotels to host a major league team if we get to that point.”

Britton anticipates conversation taking place about regular-season games being played in October.
“I think the big thing for us is keeping the season and using that month of October for regular-season games through that month of October in a perfect world, obviously, and seeing where we are with expanded playoffs after that,” Britton said. “I know we’ll have those talks pretty soon. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter till the virus gets under control and cities and people are able to go back to everyday lives, let alone watching baseball.”

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