Are Some Baseball Owners Comfortable With Shutting Down Season?

With negotiations between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA seemingly at a standstill, there are apparently some on the league side of things who don’t really care if they restart or not.

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, there is a group of MLB owners “perfectly willing” to shut down the 2020 season. Their motive would be to slash payroll costs and minimize the financial losses of a season where fans would not be able to attend games even if they do take place.

As Olney notes, we have seen owners take very different approaches to financial matters while the league is shut down. Though many organizations are paying minor leaguers, some, like the Oakland Athletics, have refused to do so despite the modest financial commitment required. Members of other organizations have firmly explained why that’s not on the table for them.

Meanwhile, owners are asking players to take a pay cut, which has gone down poorly with the MLBPA. There’s no indication that this stalemate is close to a resolution, leaving baseball’s 2020 season in doubt. That is apparently perfectly fine with some owners.

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