LeBron James Open to Las Vegas Bubble Situation

LeBron James seems open to the idea of finishing the NBA season in a single-site situation, such as the Las Vegas plan that has been discussed.

James spoke with reporters on a Zoom conference call and during that call, James said he was open to playing in Las Vegas and staying under quarantine in a hotel as long as it “can hold us and keep us in the best possible chance to be safe” on and off the court.

The comments represent a change for James. Previously he said would refuse to play without fans in attendance. James also said he wouldn’t be willing to live in a hotel with other players in order to continue the season.

As time passes and James adjusts his reality at each step, he may want to make the best of the situation. And at this point, if that means living in a hotel in quarantine in Las Vegas along with other teams so he can finish the season and have a shot at a championship, he seems willing to do it.

James knows he has only a few seasons left to add to the championship total he has been pursuing his entire career, and he knows this may be his best chance left. And if the NBA has James’ backing for trying to resume the season, that will be a good starting point when discussing possible plans with the players’ association.

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