Coaching in Peyton Manning’s Future? He Doesn’t Think So

Peyton Manning could basically have his pick of sports-related jobs now that he is no longer playing, and many have wondered if the future Hall of Famer will ever get the itch to go into coaching. Manning does not envision that happening.

In a recent interview with Dave Logan on KOA Radio, Manning was asked if he has any plans to launch a new career. He said nothing is set in stone, but he essentially ruled out coaching.

“One thing, I guess, that I just don’t think that I’ll probably get into is coaching, if you will, in the NFL,” Manning said.

“Or, people say, ‘Why don’t you go back and coach in college’ or whatnot. The truth of it is I’m not sure I would be as good of a coach as people think.

“Being a coach takes a certain skill, and just because you were a successful football player doesn’t mean you’ll be a good coach. I like teaching. I like teaching football. I like teaching young quarterbacks, answering questions, paying it forward.”

Manning said he will make an exception for coaching youth sports, as he will be coaching his son’s flag football team when the league starts up in addition to being an assistant on his daughter’s softball team and son’s baseball team. Peyton said he prefers to view that more as teaching than coaching.

“But once again, I kind of see it more as teaching,” he explained. “Some of the things that I’ve learned along the way from my high school coach, from my college and pro coaches, I certainly do believe in paying it forward.”

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