Will Carmelo Anthony Return To The NY Knicks Again?

Carmelo Anthony is not the same electric scorer he used to be, but there still appears to be plenty of interest in the 37-year-old on the free agent market.

The New York Knicks are among the teams that have interest in signing him. Carmelo has a good relationship with Knicks president Leon Rose, who used to be an agent with CAA and represented the 10-time All-Star earlier in his career.

New York’s biggest competition may come from the Los Angeles Lakers, who are said to have interest in Anthony. LeBron James and Carmelo are close friends and have made it known for years that they want to play together. With Anthony still chasing a championship ring and the Lakers recently adding Russell Westbrook, there’s a strong chance Melo could take less money to sign with L.A.

Anthony averaged 13.4 points while playing 24.5 minutes per game with the Portland Trail Blazers this season. He’s a solid scorer who has 17 years of NBA experience, which is likely why a team like the Knicks would want him.

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