New England Patriots Destroy New York Jets 54-13

In the New York Jets’ sixth game of the 2021 season, on a bright and sunny October day in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the Jets were demolished by the New England Patriots, 54 – 13.

The Jets offense was nonexistent, as is customary. Meanwhile the Jets defense also failed to show up for the game. The Patriots scored on every possession of the first half to rack up 31 points at halftime. The Jets defense put up only token resistance, allowing big play after big play to a Patriots offense not known for the big play.

It was an embarrassing game for the Green and White. To rub salt into the Jets’ wounds, Zach Wilson injured his knee and the Jets offense was left to fend for itself as best it could with Mike White at the helm.

This was a humiliating game for the Jets. They were dominated in every aspect. After a bye week in which the Jets tried to fix their numerous offensive woes, the team looked worse than ever.

With the loss the Jets go to 1-5 on the year.

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