Exotic Dancers Pick The Jets Over The Dolphins

Rookie QB Zach Wilson’s knee still is not healthy enough to play this Sunday against the Dolphins. Backup QB Mike White’s Cinderella story prematurely ended with a four-interception game. So, Joe Flacco will be the Jets’ starting quarterback this week.

But the exotic dancers who perform at Rick’s Cabaret, considered New York City’s top gentlemen’s club, are hopeful the Jets can win the game. Ah, so nice to have optimism.

“We believe the Jets can win,” explained Rick’s girl Samantha. “Okay, the season is not going well, yet the worst may be over. Joe Flacco is a veteran, and despite their record, the team has some excellent players.”

I won’t argue with strippers whose job it is to make us all feel good, and who are always rooting for their home team, whatever the realities may be.

The girls sent along photos for us to share with you—very thoughtful of them.

A well earned plug for the girls:

Named “Best Gentlemen’s Club in New York” by Men’s Mag Daily, Rick’s Cabaret features beautiful exotic dancers, VIP hospitality, and the Rick’s Steakhouse, which serves lunch, dinner, and late-night supper.

Rick’s Cabaret New York
50 West 33rd Street
*** RICK: NASDAQ Listed
*** Three Floors of Luxury

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