Vivid Cabaret Girls Congratulate the Kansas Jayhawks, NCAA Basketball Champs

The sexy strippers who perform at Vivid Cabaret New York, home of the city’s tallest stripper pole and the exclusive VIP Ultra Lounge, congratulate the Kansas Jayhawks on winning the 2022 NCAA Basketball Championship.

“It was an exciting game, and Kansas was awesome. The North Carolina Tar Heels were way in front, but the Jayhawks came back,” explained Vivid girl Michelle. 

Vivid girl Samantha said, “the club was busy with the game playing on all the TVs and topless dancers everywhere you looked. So much fun.”   

Vivid girl Nadia had a good suggestion. “ I think the New York Knicks need a lot of help. They should sign some of the Kansas players!” 

Vivid Cabaret is the New York home of the world famous Vivid Adult Movie Stars and the sister club of the award winning Rick’s Cabaret New York. Vivid Cabaret features discreet private suites, a Celebrity Balcony, and a Roof Top Cigar Bar that is a favorite spot for celebrity, business, and private catered events.

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