Where to Watch the NBA Finals? It’s Rick’s Cabaret New York for VIP Treatment

The best of seven NBA Finals series features the Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics against the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors. 

Where to watch the games? If you want to experience the same VIP treatment that the actual pro ballers receive when they visit New York, we suggest Rick’s Cabaret, the upscale gentlemen’s club that features beautiful entertainers, VIP suites, and deluxe sky boxes.  

Rick’s girl Veronica said, “The games will be exciting, and the girls and I know how to keep you excited, too!” 

Rick’s Cabaret girl Bella added, “Let us pamper you while you watch the games. Whatever the score, we will bring a smile to your face!” 

The three-story club offers late-night dining at its own Rick’s Steakhouse, which is under the direction of acclaimed Chef Jayson Margulies. We recommend the Porterhouse Steak for two—and share it with one of the gorgeous Rick’s Cabaret girls of your choice. 

Rick’s Cabaret New York 50 West 33 Street RICK: NASDAQ LISTED

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