WWE Brings Back Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt Returns!

Wyatt, who was surprisingly released by the company in July 2021, made good on the weeks of teases and returned to WWE at the conclusion of Extreme Rules pay-per-view at Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night.

After Matt Riddle submitted Seth Rollins in the Fight Pit main event, the lights went out as he walked back to the stage with special referee Daniel Cormier as Michael Cole was signing off on the broadcast. Wyatt’s voice could then be heard sing his signature “He’s got the whole world in his hand” and spotlights hit people dressed as each of his former “FireFly Funhouse” character and Wyatt’s former Fiend character. 

As the crowd started to buzz a door appeared and a video package of a ransacked FireFly Funhouse was shown as its theme music played. A TV in the room started to buzz and white-masked figure appeared on the screen. The door in the arena was then shown and opened to a blue light. The figure emerged holding Wyatt’s signature lantern, before removing the mask to revel himself to chants of “Holy s–t!”. Wyatt then blew out the lantern and a logo similar to the one he uses as his Twitter profile hit the screen just to further confirm who it was. 

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