Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Will Tap the XFL’s TV Potential

The XFL has new owners — and they plan to tackle their investment with Hollywood flair.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a group of investors have scooped up the football league for just $15 million in a deal approved by a US bankruptcy judge.

But instead of rushing to push players back onto the gridiron, Johnson — teaming up with his ex-wife and business manager Dany Garcia and the prolific sports banker Gerry Cardinale — are drawing up plans to remake the XFL into an entertainment powerhouse.

That means potentially creating reality-TV programming akin to HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” which follows an NFL team, introducing viewers to players and coaches. Indeed, the XFL is considering a similar show that would span the whole season.

Likewise, the group aims to capitalize on Johnson’s star power not only as a box-office draw, but also as a former college football player and a WWE wrestler. One possibility is to bring the XFL into storylines on Johnson’s current HBO show “Ballers,” in which he plays a retired NFL star turned business manager.

The plans are in the early stages with the league eyeing a 2021 return. The relaunch will mean new broadcasting deals, and we expect some exciting developments.

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