Giants-Commanders Game Ends With controversial No Call In End Zone

The New York Giants took home a victory over the Washington Commanders on Sunday night but it appeared cornerback Darnay Holmes may have gotten away with a penalty toward the end.

Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke dropped back to pass on fourth down. He narrowly missed a sack and fired a pass toward wide receiver Curtis Samuel who was trying to get open with Holmes draped on top of him. The cornerback somehow avoided a penalty.

The Commanders turned the ball over and the Giants would just take a knee to seal the 20-12 win.

After the game, NBC’s rules analyst Terry McAulay told broadcasters Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth that the officials missed a foul on Washington’s final play.

“It’s clearly a foul,” McAulay said. “He grabs his arm. He plays through the back. It’s clearly before the ball gets there. This is defensive pass interference and it really should be called whether it’s the end of the game, beginning of the game. Doesn’t matter. It’s always a foul and should’ve been called.” 

The Giants moved to 8-5-1 with the win and the Commanders fell to 7-6-1. The two teams tied in their first matchup.

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