New York Rangers Expectations

Despite their shooting slump, the Rangers are a playoff team. There are cries that this “is not a playoff team” and that “there is no offense” and “they can’t score.” The hyperbolic doom and gloom surrounding the Rangers occurs every season, just this season it’s happened earlier than usual. But the Rangers are a playoff team. They were when the season started. They are still one now.

Emotions run wild early in the season, especially as the Rangers look to cement themselves as true contenders after a great season last year. They have expectations this season, unlike last season, and it is easy to overreact. We are, after all, human. But a deep breath and some critical thinking is all it takes to realize the Rangers are a playoff team, and nothing has changed due to a .500 start.

The only thing that can keep the Rangers out of the playoffs is themselves. They have certainly played down to their opponents lately after dominating both Tampa and Minnesota to start the season. If not for an epic gaffe by Igor Shesterkin, they likely beat Colorado in one of the more entertaining games of the year as well. The Rangers will right the ship against Dallas and Arizona.

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