Great New Tasty Treats From Hostess

Hostess looks to take its snack cakes game to a new level with the introduction of new candy-bar-inspired Kazbars.

Available in two varieties – Chocolate Caramel and Triple Chocolate – Kazbars feature layers of soft chocolate cake, creme, candy crunch and a caramel or smooth chocolate fudge filling. Each bar is covered in a rich chocolate-flavored coating and topped with a sweet drizzle.

Kazbars will hit shelves at retailers nationwide in 10-ounce boxes containing eight individually wrapped 1.25-ounce mini bars, and 2.75-ounce single bars.

Hostess as a brand is practically synonymous with snacking, having introduced iconic snack favorites such as Cupcakes, DingDongs, and Twinkies to generations of consumers. Hostess Cupcakes, in fact, have now been sold for over 100 years.

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