Jenna Jameson Looks For Her “True Self”

Jenna Jameson shared another revealing Instagram post, delving into her troubled past and finding her “true self.” The former adult film star has been keeping fans up to date with her physical transformation and life with her two-year-old daughter Batel. In her latest Instagram post, Jameson said the “true Jenna” has “come back to life.”

The 45-year-old shared a photo of herself wearing a white dress alongside the inspiring caption.

“When I was young, I listened to every single criticism about my looks, my talent, my personality, even my coping skills… and I adjusted them to please people,” Jameson wrote in the caption. “It was tiresome. It depleted me. By the time I turned 40, I felt empty. I hid it well.”

Jameson continued, “The past few years I’ve took inventory, I’ve begun to live my life for me, and slowly the true Jenna has come back to life. I forgot who she was. I was scared to show her, to REALLY show her, vulnerable and flawed. I love her. This woman is worthy of my daughters admiration, and for the first time in my life… the storm is over.”

She included the hashtags “depression,” “sobriety,” “sober,” “PTSD” and “anxiety.”

Hundreds of Jameson’s fans praised the post, with many sharing their own experiences with body image and overcoming obstacles.

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