Dodgers Top The Rays To Win 2020 World Series!

Los Angeles has officially transformed into Titletown.

The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays to become 2020 World Series Champions.

The Dodgers triumph ends a 32-year championship drought for one of MLB’s most decorated franchises. Not since Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser became postseason legends in 1988 has the team’s season culminated with a celebration. It some ways, the wait felt a lot longer. Probably because the Dodgers have fallen short time and time again since becoming perennial World Series contenders in 2013. Now, all of that built up pain and frustration can give way to jubilation.

The Dodgers can celebrate a championship that will resonate for generations to come. Not only did this Dodgers team end over three decades of waiting, it culminated eight seasons of dominance that had been soured by disappointment. It rewrote narratives, reshaped the legacies of Clayton Kershaw and other members of this core, and made the pain of consistently falling short vanish, at least temporarily.

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